Dedicated Server

Serious Power and
Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Server Features

Dedicated Resources

With dedicated hardware just for you experience maximum security and reliability.

Root Access

With root access you have full control over your server.


With single tenant infrastructure, DDoS protection and SSL Certificate you will get the highest level of security.

Management Level

Choose from three levels of control — Self Managed, Managed or Fully Managed.

Control Panel

Optional industry standard cPanel/WHM or Plesk Available

Expert Support

With 24x7 support we got you covered. We also have optional paid server management services like fully managed.

Get the power and flexibility you need with Dedicated Server hosting.


What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a type of hosting where you get an entire server with exclusive and dedicated resources. You get top level of speed and performance in dedicated server. You have full configuration control over the server so that it can be adjusted according to your business needs.

Who should buy Dedicated Server Hosting?

If you are looking for top level of performance and most control over your server then dedicated server is the hosting for you. It is recommended that you have advanced server administrative skills to best manage your dedicate server.

Will I be able to manage dedicated server hosting through a control panel?

Yes. You have the option to choose the installation of a control panel with selected OS versions. 

We have cPanel and Plesk for easy controls.

Who should not buy Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server is most powerful type of hosting which can run any type of website. So until or unless you have a website with very high traffic or using high intensive resource applications dedicated server will fulfill your needs but may not be required.

If your website doesn’t have high resource requirement our other solution like shared hosting, business or VPS hosting may be a better solution.

Can I upgrade my VPS hosting account to a dedicated server?

Yes. If you currently have a VPS hosting account with us, you can upgrade to our dedicated hosting at any time by ordering a new server.

How soon will I get my Dedicated Server Hosting?

Normally provisioning your account is a matter of few minutes but sometimes it may take 24 hours or more. But if you need it as soon as possible you can call our 24×7 support and we will try to do our best.