Business Hosting

Easy to Configure
Fast for your Customers


Utlra Fast

Dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, Processing and Memory. It all adds up to faster page load times than shared hosting.

Easy to Use

No technical skills are required here. We've built our control panel for regular people who just happen to need ridiculously powerful hosting.

Super Secure

In addition to multiple layers of protection at server level, each of our plans offers a free SSL Certificate to keep data of your visitors protected.

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Business Hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Hosting?

Business Hosting is a type of hosting which is as easy to manage as shared hosting and as powerful as a Virtual Private Server. You will get all the power and performance of a Virtual Private Server without its complex management. Business hosting is powerful yet very simple to manage.

What are the benefits of Business Hosting?

Business Hosting provides dedicated resources giving you more power and performance. 

With cPanel server management becomes very easy. Business Hosting provides easy to use control panel therefore you don’t need server administration skills to manage your server.

With dedicated resources your website will be safe and will never be affected by other websites hosted on the server.

I have shared web hosting. How hard is it to upgrade to Business Hosting?

If you already use NetworkTea’s web hosting, you can upgrade to Business Hosting with a single click. Your files would be automatically migrated and you don’t need to uninstall and reinstall any files. If you have DNS set up with NetworkTea, you won’t need to update your DNS manually.

How many websites/domains does Business Hosting support?

You can host an unlimited number of websites on Business Hosting.

What if I outgrow my Business Hosting plan?

Upgrading to a more powerful plan is always an option and doing that easy.

How soon can I get my Business Hosting?

Normally provisioning your account is a matter of few minutes but sometimes it may take 24 hours or more. But if you need it as soon as possible you can call our 24×7 support and we will try to do our best.